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Wed., September 20 d. 00:00 „Lietuvos ryto“ arena, Vilnius
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„Lietuvos rytas“

BC "Lietuvos rytas" began this season's "One Team" program

BC "Lietuvos rytas" for the fourth season in a row will help teenagers to grow and gain skills which will be useful both on and off the basketball court.



The renewed Euroleague "One Team" social program began on Wedensday in "Lietuvos rytas" arena.




This season "Letuvos rytas" continues to cooperate with the project "Basketball power".


Its coordinator and coach Arminas Vareika showed the kids drills, which not only had basketball skills, but also a hidden life skill in it.


The first session focused on the topic "Communication".


During practice A.Vareika closely watched the students' behavior and later explained to them why it is important to not constantly criticize and get angry on each other as well as that uncontrolled emotions can harm further communication.


During other sessions the group will be joined by professional BC "Lietuvos rytas" basketball players.