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"One Team" participants were taught trust

„Lietuvos ryto“ arenoje sportavusius „One Team“ dalyvius nudžiugino prie treniruotės prisijungę Vilniaus ekipos krepšininkai.





In the second "One Team" session in Lietuvos Rytas basketball arena the participants were joined by no other, but "Lietuvos rytas" basketball team's players.


The second topic was "trust and responsibility".


After the warm-up exercises the teens were already running around the court and tried as thoroughly as possible to carry out the project manager's and "Basketball power" coordinator's Arminas Vareika drills.


Soon they were joined by "Lietuvos rytas" players Arturas Jomantas and Julius Jucikas.


The club's captain told why he chose basketball and urged children to always persevere.


"If while playing defense even one player doesn't do his job, its impossible to stop the other team," - said A.Jomantas and emphasized on the importance of trust.