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BC Lietuvos Rytas and BC Khimki unite in "One Team" program

BC Lietuvos Rytas and BC Khimki joined forces not only by helping the sick former basketball player Oleksandr Okunski.





Before the friendly game, "One Team" practice took place in "Lietuvos rytas" basketball arena, where the participants were visited by Deividas Gailius and Ruslan Pateev.


Both players are this social program's ambassadors in their own country.


The 213cm height center from Russia talked about "One Team" in his homeland.


"I think this project is a great thing, because basketball and other sports professionals help children to play sports, learn new things, and also pass on their experience.


Its fun for the teenagers to participate in the sessions, they can learn something new.In Russia we work with different schools.


We go there and organize practices for the kids. Often children from other organizations also join us.


It is just fun to work with them and maybe in the future a few of them will become professional basketball players," - said. R.Pateev.


"I think that such projects are really important - we can show the children that basketball is important and it is better to spend more time in the field of sports, than to hang out somewhere on the streets and to practice unnecessary things.I wish that the kids would put in a lot of work, because it is invitable. It is important to try and believe," - said BC Lietuvos Rytas forward D.Gailius.


The project's coach Arminas Vareika thanked the basketball players for the visit and said that this will be strong motivation for the children.


"One Team" project's main goal is to educate young people through sport.Children who grow up in social care or children homes often lack a male model. And when a professional basketball player comes and tells his story, it's very motivating."