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BC Lietuvos Rytas legend Ramunas Siskauskas visits "One Team" session

A former BC Lietuvos Rytas player and Euroleague's social program's ambassador shared his experience with the young participants and talked about roles in a team.





Exactly that was the session's topic.


"It would be tough to win if everybody only scored points. It is very important to rebound, play well in defense.


Players who do more on the court are valued by every coach," - said R.Siskauskas, who now is a part of the Lithuanian National Team's coaching staff.


"Basketball was and is a huge part of my life. When I finished my career I did not go too far from the sport.


Work with the national team is just beginning. Now I am with talks with the candidates and the most important steps will be in the summer," - said two-time Euroleague champion.


He wished that the "One Team" participants would also be more into sports and not pick up any bad habits.


"I am one hundred percent for this project. It is a wonderful initiative from Euroleague, where basketball and life skills are taught to people, who have problems in their lives.


Of course, maybe these kids will not grow up to be professionals, but to play for their own sake with their friends is a much better activity than to grow up on the street doing bad things," - said the "One Team" ambassador.