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P.Zvaigzdes - Lietuvos rytas 80-89

Lietuvos Rytas beat Pieno Zvaigzdes to take the second straight victory (2-0).



P.Zvaigzdes was ahead by 7 points after three quarters before a 29-13 charge of Lietuvos rytas, which allowed them to win the game.


They dominated down low during the game scoring 58 of its points in the paint compared to P.Zvaigzdes' 32.


Lietuvos rytas players were unselfish on offense dishing 24 assists. P.Zvaigzdes was plagued by 24 personal fouls down the stretch.


American guard Jimmy Baron scored 27 points and 5 rebounds to lead the charge for the winners and American-Senegalese point guard Clevin Hannah chipped in 10 points and 13 assists during the contest.


Lietuvos rytas' coach Rimas Kurtinaitis allowed to play the deep bench players saving starting five for next games.


Osvaldas Olisevicius responded with 26 points and 5 rebounds (on 9-of-11 shooting from the field) and power forward Egidijus Dimsa scored 11 points and 5 rebounds.



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